Thursday, July 7, 2011

My first melon carving...

This is my first attempt at carving a watermelon...i'm happy w/ how it turned out...but i know what i'd do differently if i had to do it this was a good learning experience...i did this w/ a x-acto blade kit i have

 i also made more duck carvings...i wanted to see how small i can get them & try out different fruit options...these were made from a honeydew melon ball, a red grape, & a lychee

~pics of the day~
Arachnid of the day: unknown
Insect of the day: Polka-dot wasp moth/oleander moth
Creature of the day: Knight anole
Flower of the day: Waterlillies
Plant of the day: Wiffle ball stinkhorn mushroom
Pet of the day: Wily