Friday, April 29, 2011

pics of the day

Arachnid of the day: spinybacked orbweaver
not poisonous but creepy
insect of the day: dragonfly
creature of the day: peacock
flower of the day: plumeria
plant of the day: orange tree
pet of the day: Mookie
stray cat that lived at walmart...someone picked him up & hopefully gave him a good home

Thursday, April 28, 2011

my easter eggs

i painted these for easter...the egg on the right exploded while it was boiling...& the way it broke w/ the whites & yoke hanging out of it reminded me of a i painted it to look like one
(all photos were taken by me)

arachnid of the day: unknown
insect of the day: midge
related to a mosquito & just as annoying
creature of the day: goose barnicle
found at the this pic they were on a washed up glass bottle
flower of the day: unknown
super tiny...found in grass on a weed
plant of the day: grass
pet of the day: Toby
a stray that made our house it's home

Friday, April 22, 2011

random(mostly nature) photos of the day

i decided that every day(maybe...if i feel up to it) i'm going to share some nature pics i've taken(most of which will be naturally found in FL)...these pics i'm picking at random from my mass amount of photos...& maybe someone will even learn something new from it...i will put the names of the bug/spider/flower/etc if i know it...if i don't know the origin/species then i will put "unknown"...& maybe someone can tell me what it is
(i used as an aid in randomly picking my photos)


arachnid of the day: spinybacked orbweaver 
aka crab, crablike spiny orb weaver, or jewelled's looking at

insect of the day: mealy bug
probably can't tell from the pic...but the white part is the result of a mealy bug...on the left side of it, on the end is the actual bug, the rest is this fuzziness it creates...they're seriously gross...the weird little balls on strings around it has nothing to do w/ the bug...that just happens to be some kind of fungi/fungus/mold growing on the leaf
creature of the day: tree frog
this pic is an old the quality sucks...exact species is unknown

plant of the day: guadalupe cucumber
it's a climbing vine...grows tiny yellow flowers...& berries that look like barbie sized watermelon...can be toxic if eaten in mass's ok if you have like one...but it has the properties of a laxative...not i would avoid eating these...but they are cute

flower of the day: unknown
small purple flower...taken at flamingo's a botanical garden, wildlife sanctuary, & historical place to visit

pet of the day: Chico
this is my friend's german shepard...he likes to play frizbee...& he's good at it

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

some recent flower pics


these are all from my yard...the first 3 are petunias...then the next ones are orchids...the purple one is an eggplant blossom...& the last one is a bell pepper blossom

it's all about the bees

here are pics of bees that were in my yard going after my orange blossoms this year


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


this is my first right now i'm just saying hi


this is a pic of me as an anime character

i made this pic @